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Also, the following are additional comments from my clients - some of them have been made directly to me, and some through service providers I have contracted to. While I regularly do receive positive comments, and have helped people reduce depression symptoms and many other challenges, there is no perfect counsellor and one counsellor cannot possibly suit all clients.  If you choose to work with me, please feel free to mention if there is something you feel could be done differently.  I aim to provide value in every situation.

"I have recommended you to my colleagues and will definitely come again"

-  Male, 50's

“I feel comfortable with Joe’s approach”

- Male, Teens

“I was worried this would feel weird....... turned out to be very normal and useful once we started the session” 

- Male, 20's

"I will definitely return to you for future counselling as needed, and will refer your services to my friends and family"

- Female, 30's

“Thank you for putting things into such perspective”

- Female, 50's

“I have done things differently since our sessions, and things are going better now”

- Female, 20's

"I felt you provided a very positive space for our team.... really helped us to talk through our thoughts with the space you provided.... the feedback I received from each of our team members has all been really positive, with people saying your approach was open and encouraging"

- Female, 40's (manager of a work group)

“You are a good bloke. I prefer to work with you than with previous counsellors” 

- Male, 40's

“I will be recommending you to my friends and family, and already have"

- Female, 30's

“I’ve been at several psychologists before, and I respect your approach more than any other”

- Male, 20’s

"You're f***ing brilliant!"

- Female, 20's

"It is not what I expected. Before attending the first session, I just attended because my partner asked me to, but it was both interesting and useful, so I returned"

- Female, 30's (in couples counselling)

“You got full marks for this session”

- Female, 40’s

“You are the first psychologist or counsellor I have chosen to see more than once”

- Female, 20’s

“You really seem to like counselling, and I think you are very good at it”

- Female, Teens

“I never really thought things through until coming to counselling with you — it has made a real difference for me”

- Male, 30’s

"I really appreciate your counselling style"

- Female, 50's


"You made me feel welcome to share something I haven't told anyone until now"

-  Male, 70's