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Counselling is Normal


  • Challenged by Life?  It is normal to feel overwhelmed in many situations, and it is also normal to consult a professional to talk it through.
  • People are getting better at reaching out for help.  Getting help is often a sign of strength.  Most people who are genuinely feeling ok have the skills and will to ask for help from friends, family, or professionals.

What is Counselling?


  • Stressed?  Anxious?  Depressed?  Grieving?  Difficult changes?  Unmotivated?  Want more Peace of Mind?  Mental health counselling, grief counselling, and specific approaches may work well for you.  Professional counsellors can work with you to experience more peace and satisfaction in your life.  Professionals work with people through many of life's technical, mechanical, business, and medical challenges.  Sometimes, we neglect our overall feelings - how we "really are" until things get really hard.
  • Every one of us, including you, deserves time and care to work things through, because how you feel matters a lot.  Counselling can help us learn new perspectives, coping skills, and even new ways of being that work well for each one of us.  It is useful to tailor counselling considering your personal experiences which are uniquely yours, while also understanding your strengths.

  • My ambition is assisting people who reach out to enhance their wellness and reduce distress. This is driven by my enjoyment of the counselling profession, continuous learning in practice, professional development, self-education, and evidence-based information.  My always evolving counselling approach is person-centered and psychoeducational.  
  • I often focus on two human needs:  the need for meaningful connection with people and the need for contribution of value to others. When clients find ways to meet these needs, they tend to experience enhanced peace and energy.

  • Sometimes, our experiences (especially as a young person, but as an adult too) create useful tools.  In some areas, we're unsure, and can pick up new tools to navigate life without too much stress.  The tools we lack may be a result of things like Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN - see link below) or new events we're not used to.

About Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN)

Who am I?


  • Counselling is available in person (face to face), by telephone, on Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, and FaceTime. 
  • I work with people of all ages from 14 to 99+
  • easy to book your appointment

Call or text Joe at 0409 168 311


  • Topics addressed for my clients have included anxiety, depression, relationships, work, career, suicide, addiction, loss & grief, trauma, financial challenges, and other areas.
  • Also providing employee assistance program support and critical incident services at various workplaces. 
  • I have over 29 years of continuous work and academic experience in Canada and Australia, first with engineering/construction, then with counselling.
  • More personal information:  In 2005, I moved from Canada to Australia.  My heritage is Hungarian with my parents immigrating to Canada 1957 and 1972, so I speak Hungarian reasonably well.  I have also travelled to a variety of countries in four continents, gaining appreciation for cultural and individual differences. My Australian life and work experience includes Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland. I am settled with my wife and kids in Brisbane, really enjoying work at a peaceful home office.

Professional association & qualifications

  •  Degree:  Psychology - Honours (QUT)
  •  Degree:  Master of Counselling (UQ)
  •  Degree:  Engineering (U of A, Canada)
  •  Graduate Diploma:  Psychology (QUT)
  •  MQCA (Member Queensland Counsellors Association)

Combing my experience and training with your own insights and efforts, we can work together on your enhanced peace of mind.

I value your confidentiality as a top priority.

My Counselling Style


I work from a perspective which I have developed on the basis of research published by key authors and on experience :

Two of our biggest needs by nature are 

(1)  a sense of  CONNECTION with a few close people (family or friends) and 

(2)  a sense of CONTRIBUTION valued and recognised by both ourself and by others .

If we navigate our days on this basis, we're more likely to feel ok more days than not, and to have a journey that feels right .

Many challenges we face can be related to these normal needs.  Working through the challenges may be enhanced by understanding those parts of our experiences which have been naturally keeping us from healthy connection or a sense of contribution.

Of course there are times where other approaches can be necessary, such as with some specific loss and grief, major financial strain requiring immediate practical relief, and one time recent trauma.

You know yourself much better than anybody - so it is not my place to completely tell you what to do.  I aim to assist you in finding new perspective and focus - something that suits you and your unique experiences.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with you!


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